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Mar. 5th, 2017 04:44 am
escape_artist: (11103894)
Ever wonder what it'd be like to be a native of a place like this game... sent to another game?

This is Akara Krinir, and that's what just happened to her.

Akara's from a pocket dimension much like this one, but it's one that's been at it long enough for the earlier kidnapped people to have had several generations of descendants by now, with a steady stream of more being dragged in all the time. Because lotsa death... gotta keep the population up, right?

(Don't worry, none of the kidnap victims are from actual canons. She won't have a clue who anyone is, ever, except through Genessia!CR.)

...So, anyway, here's this obviously much younger multiverse setting nabbing her, a native. And she's just insulted, man. Just insulted. Get your people the way it's supposed to be done, and also get off her lawn!

In her day and age in Krontis, the number of people born there from kidnapped descendants way outnumbers the little trickle of new kidnapped people. Akara herself is far enough down the family tree of one of these old-timers that no one even really remembers what the 'origin' world was for the Krinirs. Time moves normally on Krontis, so people still die of old age and all that jazz. Details get... lost.

And now here she is, just... surrounded in what she'd consider newbies if they were on Krontis instead of here. And the only "natives", what she is on her world, are these fake people generated by spirits? Puh-lease, she is so insulted.

More about her rather than her setting under the cut. )


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